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  • Welcome back to "new and improved" MAP Testing!

    We've made some mods from the August / September 2016 session that will hopefully enhance the testing experience, both for the students as well as for us!

    • Communication
      • Please continue to send me your ideas, thoughts, concerns, issues, and feedback so we can have an open dialogue and make this testing session as smooth, valuable, and maybe even enjoyable as possible.
    • Improved wifi connectivity
      • Two brand new Access Points have been installed; one on the west wall of Mrs. Leasure's room and one in the ceiling hallway between the 2nd grade classrooms.
    • Pre-tested environments
      • I have spent some time working with Chromebooks in various areas and have been able to actually tune signals for better connectivity.
    • Local Chromebook carts (assigned by floor)
      • We have stationed one cart in the 2nd grade area, which will allow the 2nd and 3rd grades and Schettone to more easily share a cart.
      • The other cart has yet to find a permanent home (currently in the Elementary Tech Lab), but will be shared by the 4th and 5th grade classes (minus Schettone).
    • An aligned and more relaxed schedule
      • With a few exceptions, we tried to keep grades and subjects on the same day as much as possible.
      • We aimed for a day or two break between tests and no double-test days, for the sanity of all involved.
      • Even though Jeffco's testing window runs 25% within our scheduled winter break, we are starting on the first day of the window. This should allow us to finish within two weeks, AND give us four full days for make-up testing.
      • "Pre-testing"
        • 2nd grade gets another practice session. This seemed to really help the students (and us) to get more comfortable with the environment.
        • I volunteered Miss Kruger for a 3rd grade "test test". Running one class in this area of the building will help us to make any adjustments before the rest of the 3rd grade tests are proctored.

    Thanks guys, for your great feedback from our last experience together and for all of your help in preparation for this session.

    Let me know your thoughts when you can.


Last Modified on November 30, 2016