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    Dear Students and Parents,


    The Creative Minds project is a mandatory for 8th grade in which, students may create a project on a topic of their choosing.  Projects require a topic, research, a product or display, and a final typed reflection paper.  This project will include a grade for the 3rd trimester from your sponsor teacher.




    1. Choose a subject of interest and find a teacher sponsor. Complete the Topic Submission form and have your Sponsor sign. You must be enrolled in your sponsor teachers class during 3rd trimester in order to receive a grade. Due Jan 11, 2017


    1. 2. Each sponsor will have specific requirements that students will need to complete for the project. Sponsors may require the students to complete a detailed plan which will describe your specific procedures to complete the project, including a time line. Your teacher sponsor will define expectations for your project. Students should work with the sponsor throughout the project and keep the sponsor informed on progress. Due Date Specified by sponsor.


    1. 3. Submit finished product to your sponsor by March 10th for review (without the display board).


    1. 4. Product should be ready for viewing/demonstrating at the Creative Minds Event on

    March 16, 2017.     


    1. A final reflection paper must be turned in on Wednesday, March 23rd to your sponsor.



    Ideas for Projects:

           Choose a topic that interests you.  If you have a difficult time identifying a topic, please talk with staff members.  Ideas might be a science question you have, a poem or book by an author of interest, artists or sports people to explore, history lessons in the world today, math data collected into charts around a topic, or a technological project.  Discuss with a teacher if you have questions.


    Sponsor Teachers:

           You will choose your Teacher Sponsor based upon the topic for Creative Minds.  Each Teacher Sponsor will have expectations for the Detailed Plan.  Be sure to discuss with your sponsor if you need more directions or resource suggestions.  Topic submission forms, detailed plans and your final Creative Mind Projects will be due to your teacher sponsor.  Academic Support Hours will be times to meet with your sponsor or as you make arrangements with your sponsor.


    Project Presentations:

           Your project will be featured at the March 16th Creative Minds Event.  There can be oral presentations, drama, music recitals, tech projects on display or individual board displays. Think outside of the box about your project. Think about how you would share this information with the world.  Products could be a brochure, a book, a map, etc…  A presentation does not have to include a display board.  Presentations could be a demonstration, a skit, a dance, an art piece, or a musical performance, as well as a science experiment, a study of a math topic, a survey, or a research paper. See your sponsor for requirements of your project.



    Topic Submission Form

    Interested students must turn this form in to their Teacher Sponsor

    Due January 11, 2017



    Name _________________________________          Grade ________



    Topic Title:   ________________________________________________




    Brief Explanation of project:










    Materials or Resources for project:











    Sponsoring Teacher Signature ________________________________


    (Sponsor Teacher: please send a copy of the this completed form to Mr. Niemiec by January 13th to ensure all students have a project and sponsor )











    Due Dates and Points


    1. Topic Submission Form turned into sponsor teacher by

     1/11/17                                                                        ______/25 points


    1. Meet with your sponsor teacher with your list of research ideas

    by 1/31/17                                                                    ______/50 points


    1. Meet with your sponsor teacher with draft of your presentation

    by 2/28/17                                                                    ______/50 points


    1. Submit finished product to your sponsor teacher by 3/10/17 for

    review                                                                           ______/100 points


    1. Present at the Creative Minds Event on 3/16/17 ______/25 points


    1. Turn in reflection paper to your sponsor teacher by

    3/23/17                                                                          ______/50 points


    Total Points earned out of 300 __________



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