Lincoln Academy

Charter School

Educating with Excellence

May 1 - 5, 2017
                             Want to wear a hat? Pay a dollar to wear a hat for that day during Spirit Week.
                                                                  5-1: - Girls Soccer vs GVA at 4:20 
                                                                          - Wacky Tourist Day 
                                                                  5-2: - Twin Day
                                                                          - Bliss Community Night 
                                                                  5-3: - Girls Soccer vs WWA at 4:15
                                                                          - Hippie vs Nerd Day 
                                                                  5-4: -Jersey Day 
                                                                  5-5: LA Spirit Day 
The Lincoln Academy Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Sarah Wasinger and Lori Woods have been elected as the newest Board members! Sarah Received 108 votes and Lori, 131. The Board would like to thank the Lincoln Academy community for your participation. Congratulations to Sarah and Lori!

  7th Grade
8th Grade
 English: Anne Frank DED 1 Due
 Tech: Present Song Assignment 
           - Begin Book Trailer Project 

 Science: Work on Travel Brochure
              - G42 Lab 
 English: Lord of the Flies Ch.8 DED Due
 Tech: Complete PSA Project 
 Math: MAP Testing 
 Science: MAP Testing
 Tech: PSA Presentations begin
Friday  Math: Test
 Math: Test