Core Knowledge 


    Earth Science


    Students will:  


    -Label the layers of the earth.


    -Name important minerals of the earth.


    -Name and identify the 3 types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary.


    -Compare geysers and volcanoes.


    Earth Test, Tuesday, Dec. 10.


    Next Unit: World Religions (no assessment)



    This week students will:  
     -graph pattern block pieces used to cover a design
    -identify pairs
    -write money amounts using a cent symbol
    -divide a square into halves
     Math Assessment Friday Dec. 13


  • Reading, Writing and Sight Words


    Students will read, blend and spell with /y/, /v/, and a_e


    Decodables Coming Home this week:      

    King Frank

    Quick Quin

    The Children Get a Rabbit

    In the Tank


    Sight Words      

    boy           want

    following   show

    came        also



    Students will practice proper letter formation. 

    Students will brianstorm describing words and write an acrostic poem.

    Students will sequence events to create a story.