Core Knowledge


    American Revolution 1


    - Students will identify the location of the 13 colonies. 

    - Students will identify the events leading up to the revolution and the inportance of the Boston Tea Party. 

    - Students will identify the term minutemen and recognize their improtance to the revolution. 

    - Students will identfy the term redcoats and how they differed from the minutemen. 

    - Students will identify Thomas Jefferson and his role in writing the Declaration of Independence. 


    American Revolution 1 Test will be on Thursday January 17th 

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    This week students will: 
    Add two-digit numbers without regrouping using dimes and pennies
    - Practice addition facts: doubles plus 1 facts
    Math Assessment will be on Friday January 18th. 


  • Reading, Writing and Spelling

    Sight Words List - around, form, three, small, set, put

    Letters and Sound Spellings 
    /oo/ spelled oo 
    /oo/ spelled _ue, and u 


    In Class: Eat at Joans, A Cool Balloon, A True Bird, Ants: The True Story

    Book Bag Week 17: Why Bly?, Crow and Goat, Rescue That Cat!

    Writing - January 

    - Practice proficency with writing a complete sentences.
    - Writing parapgraphs with organization and structure. 
    - Practice correct sentence structure and conventions.  
    - Practice correct letter formation.
    - Daily journal writing and editing our work.