Core Knowledge



    Westward Expansion:
    - Students will define Pioneer and locate the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains on a map
    - Students will identify the accomplishments of Daniel Boone
    - Students will identify the Louisiana Purchase on a map and the impact Thomas Jefferson had on the purchase. 
    - Students will identify the importance of Louis, Clark and Sacagawea
    Westward Expansion Test will be on Thursday March 21
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    This week students will: 
    - Practice addition facts - adding 9 to number 
    - Work in identifying 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6
    - Practice using comparision symbols >, <, and =
    - Divide sets of objects 
     - Practice drawing a picture to solve a proplem. 
    Math Asessement this week will be on Friday March 22nd. 


  • Reading, Writing and Spelling

    Sight Words List -  study, still, learn, should, American, world 

    Letters and Sound Spellings 
     Long U sound review - spelled u, _ue, ew, and u_e 
    Short u sound review 

    In Class: Mr. Plant Expert - review decodable 

    Book Bag: No decodable book bag this week 

    Writing -March  

    - Practice proficency with writing a complete sentences.
    - Writing paragraphs with organization and structure. 
    - Practice correct sentence structure and conventions.  
    - Practice correct letter formation.
    - Daily journal writing and editing our work. 
    - How to Writing 
    - Synonyms and Antonyms 
    - Creative Story writing with a Beginning Middle and End. 
    - Opinion Writing