8th Grade Science        FOSS Unit: Weather and Water (What Makes Weather Happen?)

    I-Check Test – Dec 12 Inv 9 Climate over Time


    Investigation 9: Climate over Time


    Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at a specific time and location; the climate is the average weather in a region over a long period of time.

    Climate can change over time because of natural Earth cycles and human-induced changes.

    When greenhouse-gas concentrations in the atmosphere increase, the global temperature rises.

    Human activity can affect Earth’s weather and climate.


    Dec 2

    Inv 9 Part 1 Climate Change?

    Focus Q 9.1 – How have climates changed over time?

    Students will demonstrate that has changed over time by:

    Reviewing/analyzing factors that affect climate

    Analyze climate graphs for two different time periods

    Review online resource that explores paleoclimatology


    Dec 4

    Winter Science Map Test


    Dec 6

    Inv 9 Part 2 The Role of Carbon Dioxide

    Focus Q 9.2 – How do greenhouse gases in the atmosphere affect Earth’s temperature?

    Students will demonstrate that greenhouse gases may have affected Earth’s temperature by:

    Reviewing/analyze the relationship between carbon dioxide and temperature graphs

    Use online simulation to study patterns of average temperature and carbon dioxide over time

    Read and analyze the article, “Climates: Past, Present, and Future”

    Analyze video, “Carbon Cycle”

    Includes: Notebook Sheet 48, Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere


    Dec 10

    Inv 9 Part 3 Climate in the News

    Focus Q 9.3 – What are the effects of a slight rise in global temperature?

    Students will demonstrate that there could be environmental changes if there is a slight rise in global temperature by:

    Analyzing video, “Climate Change Basics”

    Reading and categorize news articles about climate change

    Consider and discuss possible solutions for climate change

    Includes: Notebook Sheets 49, Headline Activity


    Dec 12

    Inv 9 Test

    Inv 10.1 Weather Maps


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