8th Grade Science        FOSS Unit: Electromagnetic Force

    Inv 1 Test – Jan 15 What is Force


    Investigation 1: What is Force

    A force is a push or a pull.

    The metric unit for force is the newton (N).

    Friction is a force that acts to oppose a force acting to put a mass in motion.

    The net force is the sum of the forces acting on a mass.


    Jan 7

    1.1 Push and Pull

    Focus Q: What makes things move?

    NB Sheets 1,2, & 3 (Pushes and Pulls A, B & C)

    Students will demonstrate that a force is a push or a pull that will transfer energy to an object to cause it to move by:

    Testing and measuring how much force is required to move objects

    Describe force, interactions and newton’s, energy, kinetic energy and friction

    Read/analyze Article: “The Force is with You”



    Jan 9

    1.2 Friction

    Focus Q: How does friction affect the force needed to move an object?

    NB Sheet 4 Friction Comparison

    Students will demonstrate that it takes more force to move an object if there is more friction or more mass by:

    Collecting and analyzing friction data

    Read/analyze article: “Discovery of Friction”



    Jan 9 & 13

    1.3 Forces in Action

    Focus Question: How do multiply forces affect motion?

    NB Sheets: 5 &6 (Forces on Carts A & B) 7 Response Sheet Inv 1

    Students will demonstrate that if the forces are not balanced an object will move in the direction of the greater force by:

    Testing and analyzing the effect of different forces on carts movements

    Practice calculating net forces

    Watch the video: “Forces”

    Read and analyze article: “Net Force”



    Jan 15

    Inv 1 What is Force - Test

    Inv 2 The Force of Magnetism


    Jan 17

    Work on Study Island, first quiz I due on Jan 18 Elements 4a Weather and 4b Climate


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