GT/Enrichment/ALP (Advanced Learning Plans)

  • Bright and Gifted at Lincoln Academy

    The mission of Lincoln Academy is to help students attain their highest social and academic potential through an academically rigorous, content-rich educational program in a safe, orderly, and caring environment.  At Lincoln Academy, we make every effort to provide opportunities to enrich your child’s learning both through classroom enrichment and activities outside of the classroom.  Although Lincoln Academy is not a Gifted and Talented school, we recognize there are many bright and gifted students in attendance.   We strive to meet the needs of these students while maintaining whole group instruction and supporting the philosophical direction of our programming.  We accomplish this by following district guidelines on meeting our student's Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) needs, providing a weekly pull-out program for our gifted students, and supporting teachers in the classroom. 

    Just like every district school in Jefferson County, students at Lincoln Academy with an ALP are monitored throughout the year both by teachers and the ALP coordinators to make sure each student has opportunities to meet their required goal(s). Some students have multiple strengths identified by an ALP, which might qualify them for attendance at a Jeffco Gifted and Talented Center School.   These schools are geared towards highly gifted students and instruction involves acceleration, enrichment, and attention to affective needs.  Not all students with an ALP qualify for GT Center School Placement; these guidelines are established by the district. 

    We do everything we can, within the academic structure of Lincoln Academy, to meet the needs of all students.  For more information in regards to Advanced Learning Plans, GT Center Schools, or enrichment provided by Lincoln Academy, please contact our ALP coordinator.