Dance Electives

  • Ms. Sims
    303-467-5363 Ext. 7287




    This class will cover the technique of today’s most popular dance style. Students will learn basic popping and locking, waves and glides, floor-work, and more! Each class will include warm-up, across-the-floor skill building, and choreography. Students will enjoy the non-stop movement during class, along with the popular, upbeat music of today.


    Students will learn the introductory technique of dance team style dance. Instruction will be focused on teaching leaps, turns, kicks, splits, and jumps. In addition, students will learn fun, upbeat choreography that incorporates all elements of dance team style technique.


    Jazz class will focus on teaching students proper dance technique, including leaps, turns, jumps, and isolations. Students will follow a traditional dancer’s warm-up, allowing for improvement of strength and flexibility. They will then practice across-the-floor, technique building exercises. The class will finish with choreography. Various styles of jazz will be taught throughout the trimester, including Broadway, commercial, and contemporary.


    This class incorporates skills from jazz, modern and ballet while focusing on expressing emotion through dance. The class will have a strong emphasis on the interpretation of music lyrics and allow students to learn how to tell a story through movement.

    Improv & Choreography

    Improv will challenge students to dance on the spot and in the moment, while choreography will allow students to use their creativity to set dances based on different genres of dance. Each class, students will develop/interpret movement based on dynamic themes. In addition, students will have the opportunity to work in small groups, where they will make a music selection and create their own choreography that will be shared with the class at the end of the trimester in showcase format.