Corrections Expectations

  • Students are encouraged to make corrections to all homework assignments and tests.


    • All corrections should be on a seperate sheet of paper.
    • Student must show all work or explain why it is now correct. Credit will not be given for lone answers.
    • Test corrections can earn up to 50% of lost credit.
    • Test corrections will not be accepted after we've taken the next test.
    • Corrections must be attached to the original test.

    *** Test re-takes allowed only after corrections have been made and turned in ***


    • Students have access to all answers to homework. Students are expected to show all work or explain responses that did not need work.
    • Work should be attempted BEFORE the answer key is consulted. "Work" that is simply substituting in the answer will not earn credit.
    • Students are graded based on the work that they showed. 
    • No homework corrections are necessary or allowed. Students should show how they got the answer in the solutions packet.
    • If students are having troule getting to the answer in the key, they should bring this as a question for the next day's class.

    Of course, special circumstances may warrant flexibility in the above expectations. Please contact me if I need to be made aware of any such circumstances.

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