Give The Leopard Experience Pledge Drive

Pledge Drive Kicks off September 18, 2023

  • Many grandparents and other grand-friends enjoy giving to Lincoln Academy through our annual pledge drive. This straightforward pledge drive replaces other types of fundraisers that many schools participate in, such as wrapping paper, popcorn, and chocolate sales. The pledge drive directly funds staff grants for classroom and program needs. Examples of previously funded requests from 2022 and 2023 include:

    • Sight Words Books and Simple Machines Materials for 1st Grade
    • Easel, headphones and bouncy band wiggle wobble feet for Kindergarten
    • Supplies and framing materials for the LA art show (K-4th grade)
    • Wilson Literacy curriculum for 3rd and 4th grade
    • Flexible seating (wobble stools and standing desks) for some classrooms
    • Breakout puzzle boxes and math games for ALP and enrichment groups
    • Art supplies for kindergarten and 1st grade projects
    • Library books for all ages and levels
    • Blast Foundations Student Workbooks for PreK, 1st, and 2nd Reading Specialists 
    • Spot Series materials, games, and books for the Mental Health Team
    • Buddy bags with books for Student Government students
    • Music Stands for Mrs. Newsom's middle school band students
    • And more!

    Please take this opportunity to give now and fund innovative programs in our classrooms. Give in person, by mail or online by October 30.

    Thank you for your support!

    Three Ways to Give

    1. Give Online through PayPal: See link above
    2. Give through Venmo: @Leopards (look under Charities)
    3. Grab a copy of the pledge form here to print and mail