Workshop Small Literacy Groups - 3rd & 4th Grade

  • Small Literacy Groups maximize student learning for those who need extra practice on specific skills. DSS Team members work 4 days a week with small groups of students for a 30-minute period. During this workshop time, students that remain in the classroom work on specific tasks in small groups as well. New material will not be introduced during this time, so no make-up work is required by those who are pulled by the DSS team. 

    The targeted groups work on specific skills which vary depending upon the needs and grade level of the student. 

    Students are placed in groups based on individual screening assessments, teacher observations, work completed in class, and parent concerns.

    These groups are flexible and fluid! Students may be moved from one group to another based on need at any time during the year. 


  • Kerrie Hill  *  Erin Hecox

  • Reading Skills Worked on in group:

    -Reading Fluency
    -Oral Retell
    -Inferencing, Predicting

    Writing Skills Worked on in group:

    -Writing Stamina
    -Writing organization and planning
    -Paragraph writing (topic sentence, details, concluding sentence)

    Additional Skills:

    In third and fourth grade groups, we work on previewing and reviewing concepts learned within the classroom, including CORE content. Each group is determined based on student needs and activities are planned and implemented to coincide with these skills.

  • Kerrie Hill

    3rd - 4th Grade Learning Specialist & Special Education Teacher

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