• Q: How can I enroll my student(s) in Leopard Care?
    A: Leopard Care Enrollment Lottery is held December–February for the subsequent school year. All families interested in enrollment for Leopard Care should complete the Leopard Care Lottery Form by the designated deadline. Please visit the Enrollment Page for more information.

    Q: Who is eligible for Leopard Care?
    A: Leopard Care is available for Lincoln Academy students 5 years–12 years old.

    Q: Do you provide any discounts?
    A: A 10% discount is available for families enrolling multiple siblings and children of staff members. Families enrolling their child(ren) for 5 days will receive a discount as compared to enrollment of 1–4 days. Families are only eligible for one applied discount.

    Q: What should I do if my student(s) will be absent?
    A: Be sure to email the Leopard Care Director to notify about any absences.

    Q: Will you help my student(s) with homework?
    A: Leopard Care staff encourages and assists students with homework, however homework time is optional for students. Leopard Care staff are not responsible for correcting homework. It is the responsibility of families to check their child’s work at the end of each day.

    Q: I need to withdraw my student(s) from Leopard Care. How do I do this?
    A: Families need to provide written notice to the Leopard Care Director via email two-weeks prior to withdrawal of their child(ren) from the program.