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    Washington D.C.

    (required for all 7th/8th grade students going on the D.C. Trip in March – 2nd Trimester)

    Washington, D.C. is an incredible place filled with history and mystery. This class will help students prepare to travel to D.C. in the spring. Students will be learning about people and places they will encounter in D.C. Students will also gain information on how to travel smart.

    Exotic Foods - $25 Fee

    Do you like to try new foods? Do you enjoy cooking or wish you knew how to cook? Do you enjoy travel? Then this is the elective for you! Join us as we travel around the world (virtually) to learn about the people, places, cultures, and foods of far-away places. No cooking skills are necessary for this class. Students will be taught basic cooking skills as we navigate the globe. Students will prepare and taste a variety of international dishes.

    Based on a True Story

    Have you ever watched a movie that was "based on a true story" and wanted to know what was truth and what was fiction? We will be looking at historical events that have been portrayed in movies. We will look at the historical event, analyze primary resources, watch the films, and discuss the differences between the event and the movie version. This elective will be a great opportunity for students to discuss how and why things are changed when translating a history to film. This class is rated PG-13 and parent permission will be required.