Academic Focus

  • Mrs. MC
    303-467-5363 Ext.7297



    Academic Focus (7th & 8th Grade)

    (Students are scheduled into Academic Focus class by teachers/ADM, if they have an identified need for support in the following areas)


    • Organization
    • Keep an organized Binder for Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts - binders and grades will be checked weekly by Mrs. MC and student
    • Keep an organized locker
    • Bring appropriate materials to class, including things with which you need help
    • Participation
    • Ask for clarification or help with your academics. If you don’t ask Mrs. MC she will not always be able to tell that you need help
    • We will be spending part of every class reviewing and organizing your class notes from Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Math and completing or reviewing study guides
    • Practice your spelling and vocabulary word/roots for the weekly test in Language Arts
    • Each class check the board inside Mrs. MC’s classroom, Middle School Snapshot, and individual teacher websites
    • Absent work – when absent each student is responsible for the following:
    • Check your teachers websites first to see what you have missed
    • Check the absent folder in each classroom for work that you may have missed
    • Ask your teachers and Ms. MC for help if needed to complete missed assignments
    • Goals
    • Finish your classwork and homework by due dates (all study guides will be given to students as a paper copy and most study guides will also be shared on the google drive).