Science Electives

  • Mr. Niemiec
    303-467-5363 ext. 7291




    Flight - $10.00 fee

    Students will explore a variety of how flight is achieved. Students will design, build and test a variety of flight mechanisms. We will start by researching the fundamentals of flight and the different ways that objects can stay afloat or fly for a period of time. Students will start with simple designs and then develop more complex structures.


    Forensics - $15.00 fee

    Students will explore and research the basic fundamentals of forensic science. They will learn how to collect and analyze evidence, how to take and analyze fingerprints, and how eyewitness accounts may not be as accurate as we once thought. We’ll learn how to use software to make composite pictures from eyewitness descriptions, how to analyze liquid splatter patterns to show directions, and how different types of threads and hairs can be identified.


    Mechanical Advantage - $10.00

    Students will learn the basic skill of engineering by designing and constructing various challenges. We’ll test each design to failure and consider how to improve the designs. We’ll build popsicle bridges, tower structures, mouse trap structures, and catapults.



    Students will solve problems while completing various challenges using the Lego MindStorm kits. Students will research the basic process of how robots work and then build various robots all while also earning how to program.


    Solar Car - $15.00 fee

    (Students will need to take this elective for both 2nd & 3rd trimester)

    Students will design, build, test and modify either a Solar Car or Lithium Ion Battery Car for the NREL competition in May 2019. The top two teams in each category will compete at the NREL Competition.