Positions Available at Lincoln Academy
    We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:
    • Executive Director
    • SPED Educational Assistant
    • Classroom Education Assistant

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    Job Title: Executive Director

    Reports To: Lincoln Academy BoD of Directors

    Salary Range: TBD based on education and experience ($115k to $150k)

    Job Duties and Responsibilities

    At the highest position in the school, the Executive Director (ED) works at the direction of the Board of Directors (BoD) and is ultimately responsible for all areas of the school. The ED serves as the organizational educational leader, responsible for directing and following the policies, regulations, and procedures of the school, authorizer, and state. The ED will ensure all students are supervised in a safe learning environment and are able to access the approved curricula.

    The ED demonstrates high moral character and is an advocate of school choice, has a passion for PreK-8 education, demonstrates a commitment to serving children, and is an excellent communicator to all stakeholders. The ED protects the integrity of the charter school’s academic programs, finances and operations, its mission and vision, and the terms of its charter. Achieving academic excellence requires the ED to work collaboratively to direct and support all members of the school administration, teachers, and staff.

    The ED commits to aligning all goals and daily activities with the mission and vision of the school. The ED will lead the strategic initiatives to achieve excellence for LA’s academics, ensure financial stability, and lead the effort in creating and nurturing a positive, supportive, team culture throughout the school. The ED will engage with the external community to help develop strategic partnerships for educational enrichment and financial support.

    The ED shall work to enhance BoD relationships and to oversee and lead strategic planning, academic success, talent management, operations and facilities, culture and climate, finances, communication, emergency procedures, and safety.

    Board of Director Relationship

    • Serve as a non-voting (adjunct) member of the BoD, ensuring its initiatives are effectively implemented.
    • Maintain an honest, communicative, and transparent relationship with the BoD in order to effectively lead with the board and improve relations with staff and the greater community.
    • Report to BoD relevant information, including but not limited to legal or human resources issues on a timely basis.
    • Work with the BoD to create and implement school policies as needed.
    • Complete and deliver all compliance and reporting measures required by Authorizer, CDE, and State.
    • Complete all tasks and projects in a timely manner as assigned by the BoD.
    • Model school values to all stakeholders.

    Strategic Planning

    • Use the mission to develop annual and three-year strategic plans in collaboration with the BoD, striving to continuously improve academics and the financial strength of the organization.
    • Produce and implement clear, evidence-based objectives and initiatives aligned with the strategic plan.
    • Assist the BoD Executive Team in the development of the monthly BoD agenda, actively participate in all BoD meetings, and assist in its decision-making when necessary.
    • Partner with the BoD and the school administrative team to ensure collective responsibility for building a unity of purpose, supporting a common vision, and creating a positive organizational culture.

    Academic Success

    To ensure the academic integrity and success of the school, the ED must provide opportunities to further develop the knowledge, skills, ability, and talent of teachers and staff, ensuring a guaranteed viable curriculum is implemented with fidelity and setting the intellectual tone of the school.

    • Demonstrate and articulate high expectations and set aspirational academic targets.
    • Build a high-performing, consistent, data-driven culture with teachers, students, families, and the BoD to ensure a school-wide focus on student achievement.
    • Evaluate the performance of all academic staff and provide effective growth plans as needed.
    • Ensure the range, quality, and use of all available resources and real-world experiences for an excellent education for all students.
    • Be aware of new and emerging technologies and teaching techniques. Establish staff and administrative professional development as needed to enhance the learning experience of students.
    • Regularly track and report student academic progress. Adjust academic goals and performance benchmarks accordingly and recognize academic excellence and growth.

    Talent Management

    • Assess current organizational needs and academic opportunities and maximize talent assignment and skills.
    • Recruit, develop, and retain qualified talent to support the mission and strategic plan of the organization.
    • Oversee the development and the consistent and fair execution of all Human Resources processes and procedures including ensuring job descriptions are clearly defined, understood, and subject to rigorous review and evaluation.
    • Update and implement sound hiring practices.
    • Supervise the administration team, encouraging healthy cooperation and teamwork.
    • Prepare and conduct regular administration evaluations.

    Operations and Facilities

    • Ensure safe, secure, and well-maintained grounds and facilities.
    • Oversee facilities maintenance improvements as budgeted.
    • Design and develop safety systems and procedures supporting a school setting.

    Culture & Climate

    • Cultivate a positive LA culture and climate that promotes challenge and accountability supported by data-driven decisions.
    • Promote a healthy climate of open communication and a sense of community among administration and staff and with one another built on LA’s values, integrity, safety and alignment across stakeholders.
    • Promotes and encourages the success of every student by collaborating with staff and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources.
    • Fosters a climate of innovation and excellence through a positive school culture.
    • Implement strategies that secure high standards of behavior and attendance.
    • Oversee student life and school environment.


    • Direct the budgeting process, grant and fundraising proposals, and determine budget allocations, including workforce, supplies, materials, and equipment. Align allocations with strategic goals and monitor the return on investment in each designated area. 
    • Partner with the BoD to set economic objectives, financial and accounting policies as needed.  
    • Partner with Finance Committee to create and implement a Financial Policy and Procedure Manual and recommend updates as necessary.
    • Develop and implement a marketing plan to ensure enrollment projections are met.
    • Provide financial status to the BoD, Authorizer, State, and other agencies as required.
    • Authorize expenditures in accordance with the annual budget.
    • Working with the BoD and the Finance Committee, create strategic financial plans focused on long-term viability.


    • Regularly provide accurate, timely, and meaningful communication of school performance to staff, BoD, families, local communities, authorizer and the CDE.
    • Develop and implement an annual communication plan on behalf of the school to students, staff, families, BoD, authorizing agencies, local school district, local and state government agencies and business partners.

    Qualifications and Commitment

    • Colorado Principal License (Preferred).
    • Master’s Degree in a related field and/or advanced degree in education or business administration.
    • Minimum of three years of experience in management, supervision, and administration (education experience preferred).
    • Experience in the adoption, allocation, and assessment of an annual budget (school experience preferred).
    • Minimum three to five years of previous proficient PreK-12 classroom teaching experience or equivalent.
    • Experience and knowledge of school law.
    • Experience and knowledge regarding charter school issues, laws, and their related stakeholders preferred.
    • Demonstrated success in leading high-performing teams within schools, school districts, private schools charter schools, or non-education organizations.
    • Demonstrates flexibility and experience in effectively solving challenging problems through a positive and collaborative approach.
    • Experience recruiting, building, and retaining a strong, diverse team.
    • Strong business skills, including financial management, personnel administration, vendor relations, and regulatory compliance.
    • Ability to speak and write clearly and persuasively.
    • Superior presentation and communications skills, including the ability to be an effective school spokesperson.
    • Approachable, accessible, highly visible to all stakeholders, and open to multiple points of view.
    • Professional with a high standard of integrity and strong moral and ethical character.
    • An inspiring thought leader who can help develop a strong, collaborative PreK-8 school culture.
    • Criminal background check required.

    Overview of Lincoln Academy

    How to Apply:

    Email the requested items below to Lincoln Academy Board of Directors Vice President, Stephanie Trowbridge@ StephanieTrowbridge@lincolnacademy.net by January 27.



    SPED Educational Assistant

    This full-time position is a teaching support role with our SPED department.  Job responsibilities include:

    • Supporting a positive, safe, and nurturing environment for students
    • Monitoring students in the classroom, at lunch, and at recess.
    • Performing duties such as typing, filing, and ordering copies and supplies.

    Education and Training Requirements:     

    • A high school diploma or G.E D.


    • Previous experience in a school setting preferred.

    How to Apply:


    Classroom Educational Assistant

    Educational Assistants offer support to the classroom teachers.  Scheduling is determined by teacher need but typically includes the middle of the day for student lunch and recess supervision. 

    Job responsibilities include:

    • Supporting a positive, safe and nurturing environment for students
    • Monitoring students in the classroom, at lunch, and at recess.
    • Performing duties such as typing, filing, and ordering copies and supplies.


    A high school diploma or G.E D. is required for this position.


    Previous experience in a school setting preferred.