• Core Knowledge

    We will begin our new unit on the muscular and skeletal system on Wednesday (January 15th). Our test will be on Friday, January 24th.


  • Miss Kruger & Ms. Frost Math Class HW Schedule 
    Math- Your child will have math homework T-Th:   

    Monday : Lesson 56 

    Tuesday: Lesson 57 

    Wednesday: Lesson 58 

    Thursday: Lesson 59 

    Friday:  No HW


    Mrs. Leasure's Math class:

    Homework:  Monday - Thursday....see circled problems each night

    Test on Friday on multiplication facts

    Minute Multiplication facts tests begin - We will be testing the students each day to see if they know 25 facts in 1 minute!  We will be testing in this order:  10s, 2s, 5s, 7s, 4s, 3s, 9s, 6s, 8s, 11s, 12s.  As they pass each test they will move on to the next.  Please help them study each night on the facts that they are trying to pass.  Thank you!



    Answer Key available:

    We realize your time as a parent is valuable.  Therefore we are providing the answer key to the math problems, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.  This will help you in checking your child's homework.  Obviously, you don't want to give them the right answer, but please help them arrive at the correct answer if you see they are solving some problems incorrectly.  Be sure they always show their work!  Thanks so much!




    Spelling test 3.2 will be on Wednesday, January 22nd.


    Even though there will not be spelling homework here are some suggestions on how to study throughout the weeks. 

    ~practice activities on Spelling City

    ~toss the ball with a parent

    ~rainbow letters-write the word three times in three different colors

    ~type words on the computer 

    ~make words out of playdough, cherrios, legos, really anything laying around the house! 

    Vocabulary test 3.2 will also be Wednesday, Januray 22nd.

    It is not the expectation that your child memorizes the vocab words each week, rather that they are familiar with the definitions. The best way to study would be to look at the definitions or the vocab powerpoint once a night, or a few times before the test.