Westward Expansion
    Pioneers Head West
    - New means of travel: Robert Fulton; invention of the steamboat
    - Erie Canal
    - Transcontinental Railroad
    - Routes West: wagon trains on the Oregon Trail
    - The Pony Express
    Native Americans
    - Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet
    - Forced removal of the reservations: the "Trail of Tears"
    - Some Native Americans displaced from their homes and ways of life by railroads ("iron horse")
    - Effects of near extermination of the buffalo on the Plains Native Americans
    The final assessment for this unit will be on Thursday January 16, 2020. 
  • MATH

    This week students will:

      • Telling and Showing Time to Five-Minute Intervals 
      • Adding Three Two-Digit Numbers With a Sum Greater Than 100
      • Subtracting 4 Facts
      • Cumulative Written Assessment 15


    Math Corrections

    Students are able to make corrections on all math assessments, both fact and written, for half credit

    Graded math homework may also be corrected and returned for full credit

    Corrected assessments and homework must be returned within one week of being sent home.



  • Open Court Literacy
    This weeks genre:
    Informational Text
    All about Earthquakes!
    Comprehension Strategies:
    - Predicting
    - Summarizing
    - Adjusting reading speed
    - Asking questions
    - Clarifying
    - Making Connections
    - Read with a writers eye
    Spelling Words:

     Final spelling assessment will be Thursday, December 12, 2019

    1. label

    2. vine

    3. bonus

    4. wild

    5. begin

    6. these

    7. gate

    8. use

    9. meter

    10. spoke

    Challenge Words:

    11. basic

    12. athlete

    13. usual

    14. equal

    15. secret

     A pre-test will be given each week.  If a student receives a 100% on the pre-test (excluding the challenge words) they will be tested on the challenge words only on the final test.    

    Spelling words will be updated each week after the final assessment is given. 
    Please refer to the date listed above for the final spelling test date.
    Spelling City is a great tool to help practice spelling words. Please check it out and see if it would be a new and exciting way to practice spelling.
    Reading Log and Fluency Log Late Policy
    Reading and Fluency logs that are turned in on time, Friday for Fluency Logs and Tuesday for Reading Logs, will receive full credit.  Logs turned in late will receive a 10% deduction for each late day, until the Friday of that week.  Any logs not turned in by the Friday of the week they were due will receive a 0%.