LA Foundation
    • The Lincoln Academy Foundation was created to financially support the facilities, educational and social programs, and staff at Lincoln Academy through grants, fundraisers, and donations from our families, community, businesses, corporations, alumni and other non-profit organizations. The Lincoln Academy Foundation’s Laps for Education event raised $25,000 in April 2012 for the school’s new gym floor and $37,000 in May 2014 for a new playground.
    • The Lincoln Academy Foundation is an independent (501c3) non-profit organization with its own Board of Directors.  
    • The Foundation works alongside LA’s other fundraising group, the Lincoln Academy Parent Teacher Organization (LAPTO).  
    • The Lincoln Academy Foundation accepts donations at any time.  Donations are tax deductible and can be sent to the front office or mailed to the school with checks payable to “Lincoln Academy Foundation”.  Thank you!