Lincoln Academy welcomes students from our neighborhood, our district and beyond. View our Charts of Student Demographics.


    Lincoln Academy is proud of our experienced and dedicated staff. For example, 32 out of 45 teachers (71%) have their master’s degree or higher.


    Teaching & Learning Conditions Colorado is a statewide survey of school-based staff (teachers and building leadership) on their perceptions of the teaching and learning conditions in their schools.


    Jeffco's Make Your Voice Heard is a survey of students designed to measure student engagement including Affective Engagement, Behavioral Engagement, and Cognitive Engagement. You can read the overall Jeffco Schools report here> Jeffco MYVH 2017-18

    Please see Lincoln's MYVH survey results here> 

    Lincoln Academy uses MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing 3 times a year to measure student academic achievement and growth. The results are utilized by teachers immediately to target education goals for individual students.