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    Make sure you log your volunteer hours!


    There are MANY great ways to get involved here at Lincoln Academy!
     Look for more ways to help on our Committee pages or by reading the Lincoln Loop.

    We recognize the volunteer log we have in place for this year is not gold star rated. Please look back this summer for changes to the system. 

    In the meantime if you need:

    1. The PASSWORD please email ptoleopards@gmail

    2. Your hours to date, please email ptoleopards@gmail.com

    3. Don't forget to click SUBMIT 
    We'd prefer that you enter blocks of time, depending on how frequently you're volunteering. Weekly or monthly blocks of time are fine. 
    All LA families are encouraged to volunteer 20-hours per school year. If you need ideas on how to get your hours completed, please read the Lincoln Loop emails sent every Friday, visit the PTO tab or talk with your child's teacher. Please make sure to do your part and show strong parent support for Lincoln by completing your volunteer hours!

    If you need assistance please e-mail PTO at PTOLeopards@gmail.com