• The Lincoln Academy School Accountability Committee is responsible for gathering input from and sharing information with our families on important topics such as school safety, instruction, and topics related to school climate and culture.

     This is a state-mandated committee that every public school must have in place.

    • Meets at least 4 times/year and works to determine whether decisions affecting the educational processes of our school are advancing or impeding student achievement. Reports to students, parents, boards of education, educators, and the community on the educational performance of the school and provides data for the appraisal of such performance through the LA board of directors.
    • Specific tasks:
      • Conducts the annual parent and staff surveys (familiarity with SurveyMonkey or other online survey tool is helpful)
      • Facilitates creation of Family Connection Nights providing insight from Lincoln Academy teachers and specialists on relevant topics in education
      • Communicates closely with school administration about district, state and federal testing and reporting data
      • Formulating a school “dashboard” for monitoring school-wide data
      • Preferably, members should enjoy data analysis



    Diversity and Inclusion Sub-committee (was reorganized as a Staff Committee as of 2020).

    “Breaking down barriers for every student”

    • The diversity committee’s mission is to make recommendations regarding race, religion, gender, socio-economics, family structure and disability to the Lincoln Academy administration in order to:

      foster appreciation and understanding of each individual
      • encourage dialogue between teachers and students about their needs, and between parents and staff to promote inclusion

      • improve relationships between all students