Approved minutes from the regular February Board Meeting can now be viewed by clicking here.

    Documents and committee reports submitted and discussed at the March Board meeting can be viewed here, as well.

    Approved minutes from the March meeting will be posted, once approved, after the next regular Board Meeting in March.  



    • Educate to Innovate (Grades 5-8): Principal, Janelle Johnson, Vice Principal, Lindsey Tomsick, and several staff members gave a presentation to the Board, outlining the addition of a STEM program to complement Lincoln’s current Core Knowledge curriculum, targeted for the 2019-2020 school year. The Board voted to fund this program.


    • Facilities Chair, Lori Woods gave a presentation overviewing a proposal for the utilization of the Jeffco 5B Bond monies, and the Board voted to move forward with debt reduction and high priority building improvements.


    • Principal, Janelle Johnson gave a brief presentation and proposal for the utilization of the 2018-2019 5A funds. The Board approved moving forward with her recommendations.


    • Principal Johnson also gave a compelling presentation and proposal, recommending important updates to staff and salary compensation. The Board unanimously approved to move forward with her recommendations.


    • Board Treasurer, Nathan Alley, presented an update on the current year’s financials, reporting the school is in a very good financial position with no major concerns.


    • The 2019-2020 Proposed School Calendar has been approved and is posted online.


    • Board Elections will be conducted from April 15th – April 18th for 3 open Board seats. Any interested candidates should contact Board President, Phil Courtney for more information (philcourntey@lincolnacademy.net).


    • All Committee reports and presentation back up materials for Finance, SAC, Facilities, and the Sub-Committee for Compensation can be read online.


    March Board Meeting Motions:

    Motion 20-3-2019 – Facilities Committee – Jeffco 5B Funds Proposal (did not pass)

    Motion 21-3-2019 – Facilities Committee – Jeffco 5B Funds Proposal (passed)

    Motion 22-3-2019 – Utilization of 5A Funds

    Motion 23-3-2019 – Approval of Salary Increases as Proposed

    Motion 24-3-2019 – Approval of Salary Budget

    Motion 25-3-2019 – Approval of Purchased Services Agreement

    Motion 26-3-2019 – Designation of Open Election Seats

    Motion 27-3-2019 – Designation of Election Process

    Motion 28-3-2019 – Approval of School Calendar

    Motion 29-3-2019 – Move to Executive Session – Principal Evaluation

    Motion 30-3-2019 – Principal Contract

    Motion 31-3-2019 – Project Management Services Contract

    Motion 32-3-2019 – Directive regarding Jeffco 5B Funds


    We invite all families to attend our next regular Board meeting

    Monday, April 8th, 2019

    6:30 pm in the Student Center