Approved minutes from the regular April Board Meeting can now be viewed by clicking here.

    Documents and committee reports submitted and discussed at the May Board meeting can be viewed here, as well.

    Approved minutes from the May meeting will be posted, once approved, after the next regular Board Meeting in June.  


    • The Board gratefully recognized Board Members Dan Burrows, and Nina Sloan, whose terms will be ending at the end of this school year. Their contributions were significant, and they will be missed.

      • Dan Burrows, a Community Board Member, was appointed in the fall of 2015. While on the Board he served as the Governance Committee Chair and gave a significant amount of his time to the Compensation Sub-Committee. He showed a sincere interest in Lincoln Academy and respected the established culture while offering suggestions for improvement. We all appreciated his radical candor. He referenced the writings of Core Knowledge founder ED Hirsch at almost every Board meeting, keeping us on track with the principles of Core Knowledge, that is at the very foundation of Lincoln Academy.


      • Nina Sloan, a Lincoln Academy parent, was appointed in the Spring of 2016. Right away, Nina took on several areas that the Board, at the time, did not have the capacity to take on. She became the Chair of the Development Committee, and headed up the project of growing the Lincoln Academy Foundation. She is a visionary, always looking at what can be improved, and at what could be possible. She also was a leader on the Compensation Sub-Committee, helping update and increase the pay structure for our teachers. And, for her final two years of service, she was the Board Secretary.


    • The Board appointed Amber Bilby, a Lincoln Academy parent, as a new member of the Board, and elected officers for the 2019-2020 school year as follows:

    President: Phil Courtney

    VP: Lori Woods

    Treasurer: Nathan Alley

    Secretary: Amber Bilby

    • The Board enjoyed a presentation given by 4 members of the National Junior Honors Society, highlighting the program, and their successes throughout the school year.

    • The Board enjoyed a presentation given by Middle School history teacher Emily Hall, highlighting the Spring Break student trip to Washington, DC. She mentioned her excitement about the new history curriculum that will be arriving for students this fall.

    • Principal, Janelle Johnson presented her report, as posted on line. She highlighted the exciting new Spanish course that will be offered as an elective in Middle School next year.

    • Board Treasurer, Nathan Alley reviewed Q3 Financials, as posted online. The Finance Committee made several proposals for the Re-appropriation of all additional margin toward high priority projects. Specific details can be found in the Finance Report, as posted online.

    • All Committee reports and presentation back up materials for Finance, SAC, Facilities, and the Sub-Committee for Compensation can be read online.


    May Board Meeting Motions:

    Motion 40-5-2019 – Approval of Form 990 (passed)

    Motion 41-5-2019 – 2019-2020 Budget Updates (passed)

    Motion 42-5-2019 – Move into 2019-2020 School Year (passed)

    Motion 43-5-2019 – Appointing Board Vacancy (passed)

    Motion 44-5-2019 – Appointing new Board Officers (passed)

    Motion 45-5-2019 – Return to 2018-2019 School Year (passed)


    We invite all families to attend our next regular Board meeting

    Monday, June 10th, 2019

    6:30 pm in the Student Center



    2019-2020 Record of Motions

    Upcoming Meetings:

    9/9/19 - Regular BoD Meeting - 6:30 pm - Student Center

    10/10/19 - Finance Committee Meeting - 8:05 am - Upstairs Conference Room

    10/29/19- School Accountability Committee meeting- 6:30pm- Upstairs Conference Room

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