• Fundraise!

    PTO raises funds for Lincoln Academy for different purposes, but all funds stay with the school and benefit our students, families and faculty. Some funds are used to fulfill wishlists for teachers who apply for funds through a grant process; some funds are used to bring "sunshine" into the lives of families who are experiencing hard times in the form of gift cards and baskets; some funds are earmared for a specific initiative such as the Playground Fund which, in 2020, reached $32,000 and was used to improve outdoor spaces for kiddos of all ages at Lincoln; and other funds are used to support and thank our teachers through appreciation and meals.

    Check out the ways you can easily help fundraise for Lincoln simply by linking existing accounts and spending no extra funds. By taking a few minutes to link your Amazon Smile and King Soopers accounts to Lincoln, you are raising money for the school every time you spend.