5th/6th Grade Snapshot


    October 14-18
    Conferences October 23 & 24

     5th and 6th grade Teachers will be in the Student Center with an Open house type set up

    Conference Times

    Wednesday 1:20 pm-7:00 pm- Open house for grades 5-8

    Thursday: 7:00 am-12:00 pm- Open house for grades 5-8



      5th Grade 6th Grade

    Math: Lesson 25

    English: Introduce Notice and Note, create graphic organizer for reference

    Science: drought stopper

    STEM:  Finish engineering sundials, test them, and make modifications to them as needed. 


    Math: Lesson 21 HW 1-30

    English: What's That Word? 1.9 (gram/graph) 

      Mini Lesson on Theme 

    Social Studies: Finish watching Hercules from before Outdoor Lab.

    Notebook Check

    Tech: Roman Architecture EXTENDED typing lesson due

    • Presentations on OCT 16th

    Math: Lesson 26

    English: Contrasts and Contradictions

    Social Studies: Hook: Explorers Video

    Intro. to The Age of Exploration

    Chapter 1 The Spice Islands

    Students will answer the Big Question from chapter 1 in their notebooks: According to the author, how did the search for the Spice Islands change history?

    Tech: Code.org 11 due

    • Code.org 13 due Oct 17th

    Math: Lesson 22 HW 1-30

    English: Personal Dictionary on Google Slides 

       Literature Circles (Josef pages 93-98) 

    Science: microscopes

    STEM:  Engineer a model of a chariot. 


    Math: Lesson 27

    English:  Tough Questions

    Science: solids, liquids, gases

    STEM:  Students will brainstorm and learn about potential problems to water systems.

    Math: Lesson 23 HW1-30

    English: IXL on THEME

       Personal Dictionary on Google Slides 
      Isabel (pages 99-103) & Mahmoud (pages 104-109)

    Social Studies: Chapter 8

    Greek Philosophy and Socrates

    As they read, students will compare/contrast Socrates with earlier philosophers.

    Tech: Presentations in class 



    Math: Test 4A

    English: Again and Again 

    Social Studies: Chapter 2:Motives and Means

    Big Question:  What developments enabled Europeans to travel farther?

    Students will read chapter 2 before our Socratic Seminar.

     Socratic Seminar: Students will engage in a discussion about the following:  Which invention do you think was most important to explorers and why?

    Tech: CODE.ORG LESSON 13 Due 

     Code.org Lesson 15 due Oct 21st

    Math: Lesson 24 HW 1-30

    English: Personal Dictionary on Google Slides 

     Josef (pages 110 - 115) 

    Science: microscopes

    STEM: Finish chariot model, test it, and make modifications as needed. 



    Math: Power Up Quiz and Performance Activity

    English: Memory Moments

    Science: Quiz

    STEM:  Students will learn more about three major problems to water systems: distribution, flooding, and pollution.

    Math: Test

    English: Word Work Quiz 1.9

                   Isabel (pages 116-120) 
                   Mahmoud (pages 121-128)

    Social Studies: Chapter 9 Plato and Aristotle

    Big Question: What role did philosophers play in ancient Greece, and what were their long term contributions?

     Students will create a flow chart in their notebooks depicting the progression of ideas from Socrates, to Plato, to Aristotle. Students will also analyze the painting The School of Athens.

    Tech: Self Evaluation and Code.org Unit 1 test in class



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