• Board of Directors

    Mission Statement
    The Mission of Lincoln Academy is to help students attain their highest social and academic potential through an academically rigorous, content-rich educational program in a safe, orderly, and caring environment.
    Vision Statement
    To prepare all students for their future endeavors by providing a comprehensive Core Knowledge® education.
  • Upcoming Board Meetings:

    Monday, November 23, 2020
    *TIME CHANGE: 5:30 pm at Lincoln Academy

    Workshop Only, No public hearing

    For Public Attendance:
    Zoom details available HERE


    Upcoming Committee Meetings:
  • Highlights from the Previous Meeting

    2019-20 Record of Motions

    Motion 11-1-2020 – Approve Parent Survey (passed)

    Motion 12-1-2020 – Approve Exit Survey for Departing Staff  (passed)

    Motion 13-1-2020 – Posting location of Communication (passed) 


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