• Board of Directors

    Mission Statement
    The Mission of Lincoln Academy is to help students attain their highest social and academic potential through an academically rigorous, content-rich educational program in a safe, orderly, and caring environment.
    Vision Statement
    To prepare all students for their future endeavors by providing a comprehensive Core Knowledge® education.
  • Upcoming Board Meetings:  
    Board Regular Meeting February 14th at 6:30pm 
    Microsoft Teams:  Here
    Public Comment Link available on the meeting agenda, posted 48 hours prior to the meeting.

    Upcoming Committee Meetings:

    School Accountability Committee meeting

     January 18, 6:30 by Teams online


    Facilities Committee meeting

    February 4th, 8:15 am

    Agenda includes ongoing facilities projects and campus needs


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  • 2021-2022 Record of Motions

    May 2021 

    • 1-5-10 Motion to approve consent agenda.  (Motion Passed, 7-0, 1 absent) 
    • 2-5-10 Motion to appoint Stephanie Trowbridge for President. (Motion Passed, 7-0, 1 absent)  
    • 3-5-10 Motion to appoint Micah Gilbreath for Vice President. (Motion Passed, 7-0, 1 absent) 
    • 4-5-10 Motion to appoint Jeff Baucum for Treasurer. (Motion Passed, 7-0, 1 absent) 
    • 5-5-10 Motion to appoint Lacy Cleveland for Secretary. (Motion Passed, 7-0, 1 absent) 
    • 5-6-21 Motion to nominate Doug Neely for Governance Chair. (Motion Passed, 7-0, 1 absent) 

    June 2021 

    • 7-6-14: I move that the Board approves the changes to Board Policy to reflect the change in leadership and numbering of policy items, as submitted. (Motion Passed, 6-0). 
    • 8-6-14: I move that the Board approve the changes to the By-laws to reflect the change in leadership and committee name, as submitted. (Motion Passed, 6-0).   
    • 9-6-14: I move that the Board approves the retention policy as submitted and adds this to official board policy as 5.1.1 titled “Records Retention Policy” and 5.1.1 (1) “Former Board Member Document Retention” under a new section 5 “Business Procedures” and 5.1 “Open Meetings and Record Compliance” (Motion Passed, 6-0).   
    • 10-6-14: I move that the Board sets deadlines for when meeting related items are sent to board members and posted, as submitted, and adds this to official board policy as 4.1.9 titled “Board Meeting Deadlines”. (Motion is Tabled). 
    • 11-6-14: Motion to approve the base bid fee of $145,000 provided by Whitney Mechanical Company, Inc. not to exceed $160,000 for the mechanical boiler system installation in the southwest corner of the main building.  (Motion Passed, 6-0). 
    • 12-6-14: Motion to accept the City of Arvada’s counteroffer of $625,000 and the MOA topic list agreed upon with Lincoln Academy’s Board of Directors and the City of Arvada, excluding any material changes. The final legal documentation and signature to be coordinated by Board President and Facilities Chair.  (Motion Passed, 6-0).   
    • 13-6-14: I move to appoint Micah Gilbreath as the Board representative to the Lincoln Academy Building Corporation and the Lincoln Academy Property Corporation.  In addition, remove Jeff Baucum as the Board Representative from the Lincoln Academy Building Corporation and Phil Courtney as the Board representative from the Property Corporation. (Motion Passed, 6-0).    
    • 14-6-14: Motion to approve the 2020-21 budget as presented to the BoD including a Contingency Reserve Appropriation of $11,476,319 to be in compliance with C.R.S. 22-44-16.  (Motion Passed, 6-0). 
    • 15-6-14: Motion to appropriate Revenue adjustments for PPR & Capital Construction and related District Fee increases to the 2021-22 budget as presented to the BoD. (Motion Passed, 6-0). 
    • 16-6-14: Motion to Appropriate Salary and Employee Benefits of $180,000 for four additional positions to be added to the 2021-22 budget. (Motion is Passed, 5-0, 1 abstained).  
    • 17-6-14: Stephanie Trowbridge moves to approve the proposed calendar changes for the 2021-2022 calendar. April 29th will change to a PreK-4 Assessment Day where students would attend school by appointment only. (Motion Passed, 6-0).  
    • 18-6-14: I move that the Board approves adding to Board Policy under 5.1.2 “Open Meeting Compliance” as paragraph (1) that recordings of Board of Director meetings be posted online for a minimum of 90 days. (Motion Passed, 6-0).  

    August 2021

    • 19-8-9: Motion to approve interior infrastructure site improvements CONCEPT 1 as recommended by the Facilities Committee. (Motion Passed, 5 Yes, 1 Abstain).
    • 20-8-9: Motion to approve the Vanir Proposal to Provide Project Management Services-Amendment 6 with a not to exceed amount of $40,156 through June 30, 2022. (Motion Passed, 6-0).
    • 21-8-9: Move to add the Conflicting Interest Transaction, as submitted, to official board policy as 4.2 titled “Conflicting Interest Transactions. (Motion Passed, 5-1).
    • 10-6-1: I move that the Board sets deadlines for when meeting related items are sent to board members and posted, as submitted, and adds this to official board policy as 4.1.9 titled “Board Meeting Deadlines”. (Motion Passed, 5-1).
    • 22-8-9: I move that our Board Meetings for September, October, and November be moved to the 3rd Monday of the month for trial period. (Motion Passed, 6-0).

    September 2021

    • 23-9-20: Motion to approve the $625,000 compensation from the City of Arvada, as part of the memorandum of Agreement, be used for facilities improvements.  (Motion removed).
    • 24-9-20: Motion to approve the Muller Engineering Scope of services and fee for the preliminary and final design of Lincoln Academy's parking lot and driveline improvements, for a total fee of $139,635.00 and additional services for water quality of $19,000.00 for a not to exceed total amount of $158,635.00. (Motion Passed, 6-0). 
    • 25-9-20: Move that the Board sets minimum number of board members to be six voting board members and adds this to official board policy as 4.1.10 titled "Minimum Number of Board Members" as submitted. (Motion Passed, 6-0).
    • 26-9-20: Move that the Board post meeting notices online at http://lincolnacademy.net and in the lobby of the school.  (Motion Passed, 6-0). 
    • 27-9-20: Move that the Board updates policy 3.0 monitoring claendar, as submitted. (Motion Passed, 6-0). 

    October 2021

    • 28-10-18:Motion to approve the mechanical engineering design services as presented for a not to exceed amount of $28,375.00. (Motion Passed, 6-0).
    • 29-10-18: Move to add a statement of Conflict Resolution Policy regarding curriculum complaints as required by state law and contracts with Jeffco School District, as submitted. (Motion Passed, 6-0).
    • 30-10-18:Move to remove “in conjunction with the Teacher Review Committee” from 3.1.2 (2).

    November 2021

    • 31-11-15: Move to support 2021-2022 UIP as presented by Mr. Schoenhals. (Motion Passed, 6-0).
    • 32-11-15: Move to update policy 1.1.1. to reflect Colorado State Standards instead of Jefferson County School District Standards, as submitted (Motion Passed, 6-0). 
    • 33-11-15: Move to go into Executive Session per C.R.S. § 24-6-402(4)(f) for the purpose of the Executive Director checkpoint. (Motion Passed, 6-0).    

    December 2021

    • 34-12-13: Move to approve the Lincoln Academy-Family School Relationship Survey as submitted through a Survey Monkey link to the Board on behalf of the School Accountability Committee to be released to the school community January 10th, closing at the end of Jan 24th. (Motion Passed, 6-0).
    • 35-12-13: Move to approve the updated 2021-2022 working budget as submitted by the finance team. (Motion Passed, 6-0).
    • 36-12-13: Move to approve the 2019-2020 audit report submitted at the meeting in November. (Motion Passed, 6-0).
    • 37-12-13: Move that we approve updates to 4.1.5 Board Meeting Procedures, as submitted. (Motion Passed, 6-0).

     January 2022

    • 38-01-10: Move for the Board of Directors monthly meetings be posted on the Lincoln Academy Board of Directors webpage www.lincolnacademy.net. (Motion Passed, 6-0). 
    • 39-01-10: To move into Executive Session: §24-6-402(4)(e), C.R.S., Determining positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations, developing strategy for negotiations, and instructing negotiators. §24-6-402(4)(a), C.R.S., Concerning the purchase, acquisition, lease, transfer, or sale of any real, personal, or other property interest. §24-6-402(4)(b), C.R.S., conferences with an attorney for the public entity for the purposes of receiving legal advice on specific legal questions. (Motion Passed, 6-0).