• Board of Directors

    Mission Statement
    The Mission of Lincoln Academy is to help students attain their highest social and academic potential through an academically rigorous, content-rich educational program in a safe, orderly, and caring environment.
    Vision Statement
    To prepare all students for their future endeavors by providing a comprehensive Core Knowledge® education.

    2021-2024 Strategic Plan


  • Upcoming Board Meetings:  
    For the 2024-2025 school year, a majority of Board of Directors meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., unless otherwise stated.
    To attend our meetings virtually, please go to the Join A Microsoft Teams Meeting website (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/join-a-meeting) and enter the code provided below.   
    • June 11th @ 7:00 p.m.
      • Meeting ID: 245 221 734 697
      • Passcode: nn8EtD
    • August 13th @ 7:30 p.m.
      • Meeting ID:
      • Passcode:
    Public Comment will be available. Please email the Board President (micahgilbreath@lincolnacademy.net) by 6 p.m. prior to each meeting. 

    Upcoming Committee Meetings:

    School Accountability Committee meeting

    Facilities Committee meeting

    Finance Council 



  • 2023-2024 Record of Motions

    Lincoln Academy Board of Directors

    May 16, 2023

    • Motion 1-5-16: Move to nominate Amanda Corrion to President. Motion Passed, 6-0. 
    • Motion 2-5-16: Move to nominate Micah Gilbreath to Vice-President. Motion Passed, 6-0. 
    • Motion 3-5-16: Move to nominate Travis Harrison to Treasurer. Motion Passed, 6-0.
    • Motion 4-5-16: Move to nominate Lacy Cleveland to Secretary. Motion Passed, 6-0. 
    • Motion 5-5-16: Move to appoint Micah Gilbreath as chair of facility, Travis Harrison as chair of the finance, and Rob McCready as chair of SAC. Motion Passed, 6-0.
    • Motion 6-5-16: Move to meet on 3rd Tuesday of each month unless properly noted, except for July which is a break for the Board. Motion Passed. 6-0.

    June 20, 2023

    • Motion 7-6-20: Motion to reappropriate the $2,315,000 project budget that was approved on April 18, 2023 to the 2023- 2024 fiscal year. Motion Passed, 7-0.

    August 15, 2023

    • Motion 8-8-15: Motion to approve the appropriation of the project fund interest earnings to date (as of August Board Meeting) of $32,010, as well as any future project fund earnings to be used towards the driveline project. Motion Passed, 6-0.
    • Motion 9-8-15: Move into Executive Session, §24-6-402(4)(b), C.R.S., conference with an attorney for the public entity for the purpose of receiving legal advise on specific legal questions. Motion Passed, 6-0.  

    September 19, 2023

    • Motion 10-9-19: Move to waive the volunteer requirements and promote Kyle Pethe from adjunct Board member to full-board member effectively immediately.  Motion, Passed, 5-0.

    December 12, 2023

    • Motion 11-12-12:  Move to approve the replacement of 9 glass doors in Building A for $58,756 (Passed, 6-0).
    • Motion 12-12-12:  Move to approve the updated 2023-2024 working budget as submitted by the Finance Committee (Passed, 6-0).  
    • Motion 13-12-12:  Move to approve the 2022-2023 audit report as submitted by the Finance Committee (Passed, 6-0).  

    February 20, 2024

    • Motion 14-2-20:  Move to approve the 2024-2025 calendar (Passed, 6-0).  

    March 12, 2024

    • Motion 15-3-12:  Move to accept the survey structure with a single question of the administration is effective in running the school, on a strongly agree to strongly disagree rating, and to make the survey live for a couple of weeks, starting with spring break (Passed, 6-0).
    • Motion 16-3-12:  Move to approve the purchase of Chromebooks, iPads, and musical instruments within the 2023-2024 school year, not to exceed $85,000. (Passed, 6-0).
    • Motion 17-3-12:  Move to approve the authorization of a one-time Bonus capped at $2,000 per staff based on their FTE and who have been employed at Lincoln for at least one semester and remained until the end of the school year (Passed, 6-0).  
    • Motion 18-3-12:  Move to rescind Motion 14-2-20 (Passed, 6-0).
    • Motion 19-3-12:  Move to approve the 2024-2025 calendar (Passed, 6-0).
      • Note, no changes have been made to the academic calendar approved by Motion 14-2-20. Lincoln policy dicitates that the academic calendar is approved in the March board meeting.  
    • Motion 15-3-12: Move to approve the 2024-2025 calendar (Passed, 6-0).

    April 16, 2024

    • Motion 20-4-16: Move to withdrawal Motion 22-4-16 in New Business from the agenda.  (Passed, 6-0). .
    • Motion 21-4-16: Motion to approve the 2024-2025 budget as presented and discussed. (Passed 6-0). 
    • Motion 22-4-16: Move to Executive Session for Executive Director Annual Review per C.R.S. § 24-6-402(4)(f) evaluation of Direct Report. (Withdrew - will be assessed in a special meeting).
    • Motion 23-4-16: Motion to approve the Form 990 tax submission as presented and discussed. (Passed 6-0). 
    • Motion 24-4-16: Move that the board elections are held April 30 through May 3 for one open seat.  The membership of the board election committee shall consist of Lacy Cleveland (board member), Lori Woods, and Katie Neely. (Passed 6-0). 

    April 30, 2024

    • Motion 22-4-16: Move to Executive Session for Executive Director Annual Review per C.R.S. § 24-6-402(4)(f) evaluation of Direct Report. (Will be discussed and voted on April 30th).

    May 14, 2024

    • Motion 25-5-14: Move to approve the 2024-25 Lease Appropriation Resolution as presented and discussed. (Passed, 6-0).
    • Motion 26-5-14: The Election committee moves to certify the board elections to show that Katie Lehr (with 41 votes) was elected to the office of Lincoln Academy Board of Directors for the term commencing on June 1st, 2024 for a term of three years ending on May 31st, 2027.  (Passed, 6-0).
    • Motion 27-5-14: Adjourn to 2024-2025 New Board to Elect New Board Officers. (Passed, 6-0).