Clubs at Lincoln Academy 2023-2024

  • 3D Printing Club FULL

    Interested in the 3d printing club? Does your student want to create their own 3d project? The 3d printing club will be for 4th - 8th graders and will be held in Building C room C122 from 3:30-5:00 p.m. for six Mondays starting on September 11th and ending Oct 30th (no class on Oct 16 or Oct 23). The cost will be $15.00. To make sure the students are able to print their projects, the maximum number of participants will be 15. You will be contacted by Mrs. McNutt that you are officially in the club. Please fill out the interest form here.


    100 Mile Club

    Want to get motivated to get moving? The 100 Mile Club is an elite school-based program leading the effort in the prevention of childhood inactivity and obesity across the nation. Since 1993, this program has been changing the lives of kids, school districts, families and communities with our evidence-based program to motivate kids to run or walk 100 miles during the school year. Join Mrs. Swift and Mrs. Bennett on the track before school in the fall and spring and after school in the winter to get your miles in! More information here. All grades eligible to participate.


    Club Invention FULL

    Do you love hands-on learning, designing and creating? Join Club Invention to explore medieval history, basic scientific principles and hands-on creativity in Castles, Catapults and Coats of Arms! Explore the effects of Archimedes’ principle by sculpting clay boats that float across a moat while supporting cargo. Apply science and engineering principles to the construction of a castle wall. Join Mrs. Bennett and Club Invention after school for select dates in October for this fun and creative club. Grades 1-6 are eligible to participate.


    Fantastic 8 Sports

    Instead of just one sport, you get to try a different sport each week! Join Hero Kids Sports for soccer, baseball, flag football, field hockey, volleyball, track and field, lacrosse and kickball! Grades K-5 are eligible to sign up for this fun and active after school club. This club will run September 20th-November 9th. Kindergarten-2nd Grade will meet on Wednesdays and 3rd-5th Grade will meet on Thursdays. More information here.


    Art Club FULL

    Miss Karp, Mrs. Trinkle and Mrs. Papantonakis are excited to bring a free art club to Lincoln Academy, open to grades 3-8, from 3:30-4:30 pm every Monday of Trimester 1. First trimester all ages will meet together in one session. This club can accommodate up to 30 students a session in the first trimester. Because this is a free club with no associated studio fee, we will begin as “open studio hour” where the kids can bring what they are working on with the supplies they have and either receive help/input/advice, or just work on their own in a fun, supportive, creative, safe environment. This can be as simple as bringing their sketchbook and pencils/pens, if they have them. Staff are donating basic supplies for kids who do not have any of their own and we will brainstorm with the kids on ideas for collecting/upcycling/recycling supplies from our school community. We can’t wait to make more art at Lincoln! Sign up here.