DSS Mission Statement

  • The Department of Student Success, (DSS), provides structured opportunities for students to reach their academic and social potential. We implement data-driven, research based assessments and interventions to support all of our students. We partner with parents, staff and students through a team approach that focuses on consultation, direct service, observation, analysis and assessment. We seek to challenge all of our students to help them identify and build upon their personal gifts and talents.

  • DSS Includes:

    * Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: MTSS - Support for students and specific interventions for any student in need. We will work with students for a six week period to see if a student's skills improve with direct instruction. After that time, our team will determine if further assessment is needed. If so, a child will be referred to the special education process. If our team feels the interventions are working, we may continue without referral. 

    * READ Plans - Our team supports classroom teachers to work with students who have significant reading difficulties. 

    * Gifted Education & Enrichment - Enrichment for students who need more challenge in specific areas. Advance Learning Plans (ALP)

    * Special Education Testing and Services  - Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

    * English as a Second Language (ESL) 

    * Support for Parents - Do you want information or materials to work on at home?  Your classroom teacher has great ideas and we are also available to help you. If you have a concern regarding your child, do not hesitate to call or email. We can work with you and your classroom teacher to find a solution.


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