Welcome to 2nd Grade!


  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    We want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

    We are so thankful to get to share each day with your amazing children! 

    Enjoy time with your family and friends!


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    There will be no reading log this week to allow time to finish Simple Machine Projects.

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  • Simple Machine Project!

    Please check out the Simple Machine Project Letter.

    This will give you all of the details regarding the upcoming project that is due Thursday November 16, 2017.


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  • Volunteer Opportunities!

    Click on the links below to find opportunities to volunteer in your child's classroom.  We appreciate any amount of time you are able to give.  

    Mrs. Dwyer's Classroom

    Mrs. Dunn's Classroom

    Mrs. Bennett's Classroom

    Check out volunteer opportunities in the Lincoln Loop, on the PTO webpage or attend a PTO meeting in the Student Center.

    FREE childcare available! Email PTOLeopards@gmail.com with any questions, and we hope to meet you soon.


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  • Please have your child bring a water bottle as well as


    (protein packed) snacks. 

    We have a morning and an afternoon snack each day. 

    Thank you!

    Image result for pop top water bottles for kids

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  •  Fluency Logs

    • From now on in Monday Folders you will find a short fluency passage for your child to read ALOUD to you (or another grown-up) DAILY.
    • Please return these each Friday and initial off and comment on your child's struggles and successes.  (Thursday and Friday's are great days to celebrate them.)  
    • Your comments help us to understand your child's fluency needs and we value your feedback.  
    • This short time of reading aloud to an adult each night allows you to hear the improvements in your child's fluency throughout the year.  
    • Please feel free to have them breathe at punctuation and practice intonation.
    • Allow them to use "character voices" and be creative in how they read each passage aloud to you.  
    • We want this to be a fun practice time!   
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  • Reading Log Directions

    Second graders will be participating in Lincoln’s reading logs. These reading logs will hopefully help encourage reading at home and will foster your child’s love of reading.  Below are a few reminders for these logs.

    • Reading logs come home on Mondays and are due on the following Tuesday.
    • Weekly reading requirement is 65 minutes for first graders. This can be a combination of reading with your child and having her/him read to you.
    • Reading logs need to be filled out and initialed on the front and the response completed on the back (see response       descriptions below)

    Reading Log Response Descriptions

    Connections (this can either be a drawing with a caption of what it is or sentences written explaining the connection)

    • Text-to-Self (Is this story like my life somehow?)
    • Text-to-Text (Is this story like another story I’ve read?)
    • Text –to-World (Is this story like something I’ve seen or heard going on in the world?)

    Favorite Part and why

    • This can either be a drawing (with a caption explaining it) or sentences telling the favorite part and why.

    My Favorite Sentence or Word

    • Should be a written response by either student or parent (if needed) explaining your child’s favorite sentence or word and why he/she chose that part.

    Picture of What was I Read

    • This should be a drawing of what was read with a caption included. This can be about one book that was read. It doesn't need to be all the books.


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  • After school pick-up procedures

    1. Please create a sign that includes your child/children's name(s) - First and Last - Teacher's Name and Grade Level. Place it on the drivers side dash board.  This will help traffic to move more quickly and efficently. 
    2. School ends at 3:05 for K-5 and 3:15 for MS. If you stagger your arrival time, this will help eliminate some congestion.
      • Please use the following schedule for pick up times using the first letter of the student’s last name.
        • A-G     3:05
        • H-M     3:10
        • N-S     3:15
        • T-Z     3:20 (or anyone with older siblings in middle school)  
    1. If you come through the pick up lane, please create a sign that can be displayed in the front window that has your student name, grade and teacher.
    1. Once your car is full, use your left turn signal and exit to the left pass through lane.

    Thank you for bringing an extra ounce of patience and politeness with you when dropping off or picking up students.  You are a representative of Lincoln Academy – please be a considerate and polite one!

    Please share these traffic tips with anyone who might be picking up or dropping off your child at school.


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