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  • An A-OKay Grip

    Learning the proper way to grip a pencil can be challenging for young children.  We are working on learning a fun way to help the students learn to hold their writing utensil properly, called the A-OK grip.

    The students have been working hard on improving their pencil grip.  This is done by first starting with the saying, “A-OK” and making the ok symbol with your pointer finger touching the thumb.  When all the students are giving to “OK” sign then they are ready for the next step.  Next, the students pinch the pencil between their thumb and pointer finger at the end of the yellow of the pencil (just before the sharpened part begins) then lifting the pencil they grab the eraser end of the pencil and flip the pencil so that it rests on the top of their hand.  

    Saying “A-OK” to the students reminds them to position their hand properly on the pencil, which is the main goal of the “A-OK” grip!

    I encourage you to ask your child if they are using their A-OK grip the next time they are writing or coloring at home!

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