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  • Statement of Good Health Form

    This form must be filled out by your child's doctor and returned to school before the start of school!

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  • Scissor Cutting Skills

    This week we are working on proper scissor skills.  With any new skill, the only way to master it is to practice, practice, and practice.  If you are able to help your child at home with cutting, here are a few points to remember:

    • Thumb in the little circle, pointer finger on the outside, the rest of the fingers on the inside of the larger oval on the scissors.
    • The blade always points up!
    • We move the paper, not the hand holding the scissors.

    Have your student practice cutting straws, playdough, paper, scraps of paper, your junk mail or even old cards.  There doesn’t need to be a line to follow or anything specific to cut out.  Just let them practice opening and closing those scissors, even your junk mail will work.  Let your student cut it up for you!

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PreK Events

  • Grandparents' Day

    On Friday,  September 23rd,  Lincoln Academy will celebrate and honor Grandparents with a special Grandparents’ Day.  Grandparents are to arrive for check-in and breakfast from 7:45 am to 8:20 am.  This will take place in the gym and student center.  Grandparents will be given directions to their grandchild’s classroom during that time.  There will be 3 separate sessions for grandparents to visit their grandchild's (or grandchildren's) classroom.  The session times are as follows (for PreK):

    • Session 1  8:50am-9:15am
    • Session 2  9:25am-9:50am

    Please advise Grandparents to visit their PreK students during Sessions 1 or 2!

    After the sessions, there will be a music program in the gym beginning at 10:30 am!  PreK will be performing in that program!!  Once PreK has finished on the stage, they will return to their classroom.  Grandparents that want to pick up their PreK grandchild are welcome to do so following their (PreK’s) return to the classroom.  

    What does that mean for parents: PreK class runs at normal times on Friday!  8:00-11:15 am!  Yes, grandparents can sign them in by 8:00 and out by 11:15. Be prepared for NO parking to be available.  Take advantage of drop-off and pick-up via the main Lincoln Loop.   

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