• January 21 - 25
    Trip ID: 20006
                                 Group Leader's Name: Niemiec                             

    Screenagers Parent Guide

     1-22: Girls Basketball vs BE 4:15 at LA
    1-24: Prospective Parent Info Night 6:30
      7th Grade 8th Grade
    Monday  No School  No School

     English: - Anthem Ch. 6-7 Quiz
                  - IXL Verb Tense Due

     Tech: How to Project

     Wednesday  Tech: State Tri-Fold Project  
    Thursday  Science: Cell Unit Test Open Note  
    Friday  Math: Test

     History: Vietnam War Test

     Math: - One Hour of IXL Due
               - Algebra Test 15
               - Course 3 Test 13

     Science: I4 Chapter Test