• November 12 - 16
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    Screenagers Parent Guide 

    11-12: Start of Second Trimester
    11-13: Boys Basketball vs BE       
    - Cheer (A) 5:15    
    11-14: Boys Basketball vs ECD    
    - Cheer (B) 4:15  
    11-15: Boys Basketball at Excel  

      7th Grade 8th Grade
    Monday  Tech: Intro to Photostory

     History: Quiz - Civil Rights Organizations
                   (pages 935-940)

     Science: Save Mr. Egghead Report Due

    Tuesday  Science: Test  Tech: Object in Motion Project

     Algebra: Exam 11 & IXL

     Course 3: Exam 9 & IXL


     Algebra: Movie

     Course 3: Movie