• Why is Lincoln Academy expanding its facilities and staff?

    ·       We just bought a nice big campus, why do we need to build more classrooms?

    In order for Lincoln Academy to afford the purchase of our new land and facilities (17 acres and 72,000 SF of classroom buildings at the new site vs. 2.6 acres and 53,000 SF of classroom buildings at the old site) the Board of Directors knew that enrollment would have to increase.   99% of school operating costs, which include bond (loan) payments to purchase the facility, are paid for by the Per Pupil Revenue (PPR) that we receive from the state. More students = more income. Part of the application for the bond required us to create a 5-year plan projecting enrollment, staffing, and budget. 

    ·     Why did we chose to build a modular building?

    The Board of Directors, knowing that 3 additional classrooms would be needed by the fall of 2017, formed the Facilities Growth Committee to look into options for expansion. The committee examined all options: temporary or modular buildings, adding on to or remodeling our current building or building an additional building. All options were fully explored with budget, timeline, and the school program/operations being taken into consideration. 
It was decided that the modular building was the best option based on these factors.

    ·   Why could Maranatha put 1,000 kids in these buildings and we can't?

    Maranatha had 30-32 students (sometimes more) in a classroom that we find cramped with 28 today. Regardless of the number of students enrolled by Maranatha, before Lincoln Academy made a bid on the property, Mrs. Johnson and her academic team sat down with an architect and planned for building usage according to our educational program. Smaller class size is a priority. Building expansion was a known possibility when we purchased the property. 

    ·   Can we afford to expand when the budget margins seem rather low and we have a constant need to improve what we already own? 

    With an increase in the PPR and the additional Mill Levy funds we received in 2015, Lincoln Academy’s revenues increased by approximately $600,000. The Board of Directors earmarked approximately $200,000 of these funds for salary increases, $200,000 for current facilities upgrades, and $200,000 for future building expansion. 

    ·   Why growth? What will happen to our “small community” feel? 

    There will undoubtedly be a change in the Lincoln Academy community that comes with growth. The people in it make a school. If we all continue to foster good communication, maintain relationships, and reach out to new families, Lincoln Academy can continue to be the friendly, nurturing, welcoming school that it has always been. The Board of Directors and staff at Lincoln Academy are committed to this. Our Lincoln Academy PTO does an exceptional job of supporting and building our community. We have a great school with a great curriculum and culture - why not share it with more students? 

    ·   Will we lose specials if we grow? 

    Lincoln Academy is committed to keeping specials. Additional specials teachers were added in 2015.

    If you have further questions, please contact any member of the Board of Directors or attend Board meetings, which are on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Student Center.