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Don't miss out on memories from the 2019-20 school year! 

It's the only book that captures the year's events, activities, friendships, experiences and memories from Lincoln Academy.

Yearbook Options:

Softcover book (PreK-4th)

  • This book only contains PK-4th grade students and their class photos
  • Cost is $20
Hardcover book (PreK-8th)
  • 5th-8th grade families should order this book.
    • NOTE: The $44 Signature Package is only available for the hardcover book.

Hardcover Yearbook Pricing: 

The earlier you order your yearbook, the more you save!

  • Order before November 9th: $30
  • November 9th-Jan. 31st: $35
  • After Jan. 31st: $40


Order your yearbook at
  • IMPORTANT:  If ordering for more than one student, please order yearbooks as separate line items with individual student information.  This will eliminate confusion on yearbook distribution day.