Welcome to Fourth Grade

Some important items to know this week:

Holiday Party

Field Trip Information

  • Fourth Grade will be visiting the Museum of Nature and Science in January for a field trip. 
  • Permission slips were sent home either today or last Monday. 
  • Please return signed permission slips and money by December 17. 
  • Hot lunches need to be ordered prior to the trip. All hot lunch orders are due on 12/17. 


  • If you would like to be considered for a chaperone slot for this trip, please let your child's teacher know this week. 


  Late Work / Corrections Policy 

  • We have started the second trimester. Fourth grade's correction and late policy has changed.  Please look through Monday Folders with your child for any papers that need corrections.  Please refer to the updated policy below.


 Chemistry Test

  •  Chemistry Test: Fourth Grade is currently studying chemistry and states of matter. This test will be on Wednesday, December 18. Please use the study guide located in This Week in Fourth Grade to study with your child.

MAPS Testing

  • Winter MAPS testing will fall in the in between December 2 - 13.  Please try to avoid absences or tardies during this time if at all possible.

 Spelling and Vocabulary

  •  Spelling and Vocabulary Unit 2 Lesson 4 will be on Thursday, December 12.


  • Spelling: if you are looking for a new and exciting way to student spelling words with your child, here are some suggestions:
    • Fill a pan with sand, uncooked rice, uncooked beans, flour, sugar, salt, or shaving cream and spell the words using your finger.
    • Make up a song or saying for an especially challenging word.
    • Play Hangman.
    • Rainbow write the words.
    • Make flash cards with the spelling words on index cards.  Then flip all the cards over and play the memory game.
    • Use magnetic letters, or alphabet blocks, or scrabble tiles to spell out the words.
    • Make a "cootie catcher" using the spelling words.
    • Write the words outside with chalk.
    • Form letters with play dough, pipe cleaners, legos, toothpicks, or string.
    • Throw the ball with a partner and spell out the next letter in the word every time you catch the ball.
    • Finger paint the words.
    • Repeat the word out loud, then spell the word out loud.  Then, look up and watch yourself write the word in the air using your finger: say the letter as you write it.  Then write the word down on the whiteboard/piece of paper.

Pick Up Change: 

  • If you only have a child(ren) in grades K-4, please pick up your child before 3:15.
  • If you have a child(ren) in K-4 and in 5-8, please pick up your children after 3:15.