Important Announcements!

 Science Fair is coming!

The science fair is coming February 26th!  A science project is required for 3rd grade.   Today your child will be bringing home a bright green project packet and a bright green submission form.  The submission form is due Friday, January 24th.    The project is due Monday, Feb. 24th.  We completed a practice experiment in class today so they will know the expectation.  For more information, see the link below:

Science Fair Parent Packet

Things to remember:

  • Be sure it is a scientific experiment with a hypothesis, NOT A REPORT, AND NOT BUILDING SOMETHING.
  • Students must do 90% of the work!
  • Bring only the board with results and pictures, do not bring the experiment!
  • If drawings, students must draw them
  • If including a table, students must display it on their board
  • Titles must be student drawn, typed or created
  • Be sure rough draft is filled out and turned in. Rough draft should match what is on the board.
  • If the final copy is typed, the student must type it. Also, please print out a copy for the board and a copy for the teacher (only if typed). 

Extended absences

If you know that your child is going to be absent for a few days, please be sure to fill out an absence form with the office.  However, the office does not notify the teacher about your child's absence.  Please also notify your child's teacher ahead of time so that homework can be given for the work missed.  Your child is required to make up all work missed during the absent period.  Thank you.