After school pick-up procedures

After school pick-up procedures

  • Please follow the directions of staff members during drop off and pick up
  • Please cross at crosswalks for your safety
  • Do not get out of your vehicle in the drop-off/pick up line
  • Please pull as far forward as possible during both drop off & pick up
  • No cell phone usage in our driveway
  • Please create a sign that includes your child/children's name(s) - First and Last - Teacher's Name and Grade Level. Please make it visible for anyone who needs to see it (name caller, staff, or teacher).  It is best placed on the dashboard, with the ability to move as needed. This will help traffic to move more quickly and efficiently. 
  1. School ends at 3:05 for K-4.
    • All students K-4 should be picked up at 3:05 pm
  1. If you come through the pickup lane, please place the sign on your dashboard (see example above).
  1. Once your car is full, use your left turn signal and exit to the left pass-through lane.

Thank you for bringing an extra ounce of patience and politeness with you when dropping off or picking up students. 

You are a representative of Lincoln Academy – please be a considerate and polite one!

Please share these traffic tips with anyone who might be picking up or dropping off your child at school.

Indoor Dismissal Procedure

If there is indoor dismissal and you park and pick up,  please pick your child up from the NORTH DOOR of Building A.   

There will be someone at the door to assist you in picking up your child.

If you drive through for pick up, the procedure is the same as outdoor dismissal. 

We just ask for your patience as we get the children bundled up and out to you safely.