Weekly Announcements


Core Knowledge 

  • Student continue their study of Westward Expansion this week. 
  • This test will be on Thursday, March 21. 


Race to Read Packets

  • The Race to Read Program will start March 25 and runs through May 3. 
  • This program will take the place of reading logs and is lot of fun for students to participate.
  • Please look in Monday folders for the packet directions and the first two sheets.
  • Any reading your child does over spring break can count towards reading minutes on these sheets.
  • All sheets must be turned in with your child's name (first and last), teacher name/grade, and a parent signature. 
  • Each time students read a set amount of time (15 minutes for 1st grade), your child can color one part of the sheet.
  • Sheets can be turned in as you child finishes the reading the amount of minutes for the whole sheet. 
  • Additional sheets can be accessed below.

Race to Read Sheets


Change in Decodable Book Bags

  • There will be no more decodable book bags coming home this year. 
  • There will be one longer, review decodable sent home each week. This is yours to keep. 
  • Please use this to practice reading fluency and accuracy with your child. 
  • Please return all past decodable book bags that you may have at home. 


Change in Math Tests

  • In preparation for second grade, first graders will begin reading math tests by themselves this week.
  • Students are still encouraged to ask for help with words when needed and to read tests carefully.
  • To prepare for this transition, have your child begin/continue reading homework pages by themselves.
  • Encourage your child to read homework aloud, paying attention to all the words/directions for each problem. 


Sight Word and Spelling Tests

  • This is the final week of sight word homework. 
  • Spelling homework and tests will begin after spring break. 


Reading Logs

  • Reading logs will come home this week and are due Friday.
  • Race to Read sheets will replace reading logs from March 25 - May 3. 


Pick Up Reminders

    • Please follow the directions of staff members during drop off and pick up
    • Please cross at crosswalks for your safety
    • Do not get out of your vehicle in the drop-off/pick up line
    • Please pull as far forward as possible during both drop off & pick up
    • No cell phone usage in our driveway
    • Please use the following staggered pick-up times to help alleviate traffic congestion during the afternoons. Use the first letter of the student's last name.
      • A-G 3:10
      • H-M 3:15
      • N-S 3:20
      • T-Z 3:25
      • Middle School 3:30
  • Please create a sign that can be displayed in your window that has your student's first and last name, grade, and teacher. Click below for an example:

Example of Car Sign

Reading Logs

  • Reading logs will be in Monday folders. 
  • Please complete the 50 minutes of reading throughout the week. This can be a combination of you reading to your child if they aren't reading independently. 
  • Please be sure to have your child complete the back of these reading logs as well. See the directions below.