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100 Days of School!

Our 100th day of school is on Friday, January 31st.

On this special day, Kindergarten will celebrate by having fun 100 day activities.  If you would like to volunteer to help, please email your child's teacher.  In addition, your child may dress like they are 100 years old.  The students will also be presenting their 100 Day projects on this day.

100 Day Project - Due Friday, January 31st

Each student will make a project with 100 of something (Pintrest and Google have lots of ideas).  Students will present their projects on January 31st.  Students should be able to explain:

What is your collection of 100?

Does your collection make anything special?

How did you make your project?

Why did you choose that collection?

Due to limited space, please do not send in projects early.  Thank you!



Week of January 21st:  100 Day Project, Sight Words/Movement, and Reading Log

Week of January 27th:  100 Day Project (only)

Progress Reports

 Progress Reports are being sent home on Tuesday, January 21st

Please keep all of the papers, but please sign and return the envelope.  Thank you!


Science Fair - February 26th

The Science fair is optional for Kindergarten.  If your child would like to participate,

please click on the link below for all of the information.

Science Fair Information



Cold Weather

Please have your child bring a jacket everyday.  We go outside when the weather is above 22 degrees.  

Thank you.



Due every Friday, or the last day of the week. 

  Please return the decodable books on Friday or the last day of the week.  Please do not write on the books.  Thank you!

Sight Words

The words with hearts are words that the students have to "know by heart."  The words cannot be sounded out.  The goal with sight words is to have automatic recognition of the words in three seconds or less.