Staff Mini Grant Recipients Fall 2022

Fall 2022:

  • Easel for Ms. Cowan's Kindergarten.  

  • Headphones and Bouncy Band Wiggle Wobble Feet for Mrs. Carpenter's Kindergarten. 
  • Flexible Seating Options for Mrs. Bennett's Language Arts (5th). Adjustable wobble stools and 2 standing desks
  • Sight Words Books and Simple Machines Materials for 1st Grade.
  • Flexible Seating and Raz Kids subscription for Ms. Kunau's 2nd grade.
  • Blast Foundations Student Workbooks for PreK, 1st, and 2nd Reading Specialists (Mrs. Coyle).
  • Spot Series materials, games, and books for the Mental Health Team.
  • Buddy Bags with books for StuGo students.
  • Music Stands for Mrs. Newsom's middle school band students.